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What’s Trending in the Entertainment Industry – April 2021
(Asante Afrika:

Top 5 Books selected by Guest Editor, Dorothy Koomson, Summer 2021 (Imperfect Arrangements)


The Top 20 African Books of 2020, African Arguments (Imperfect Arrangements)

(African Arguments:

Publishers Weekly Book Review of Imperfect Arrangements

(Publishers Weekly:

The Bookmark: Dorothy Koomson interviews Frances Mensah Williams

Author Q&A II: 10 Questions With Frances Mensah Williams
(Sage Literacy Foundation:

The Black British Women Writing Themselves into Romance Novels – Black Ballad

(Black Ballad: )

A Conversation with Frances Mensah Williams – Greenacre Writers
(Greenacre Writers: )

Dorothy Koomson: ‘There is more to black women and women of colour than the current narrative allows.’
(Penguin: )

African Writers Find a New Voice
(The Voice: )

Waitrose Weekend Magazine (July 2020) – Imperfect Arrangements Review

Bookchat with Frances Mensah Williams – African Book Addict

The Bookmark: Dorothy Koomson interviews Frances Mensah Williams

In Conversation with Frances Mensah Williams – Pull Down the Moon (Video)
[From Pasta to Pigfoot& Imperfect Arrangements]

Imperfect Arrangements Book Review – Pull Down the Moon (Video)

Imperfect Arrangements Book Review – Mommy Loves to Read (Video)

An interview with Ghanaian author Frances Mensah Williams
(Misbeee Writes:

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Love: A Review of Frances Mensah Williams’ From Pasta to Pigfoot
(Africa in Words: )

5 things I learned self-publishing AND traditionally publishing my books
(Completely Novel:

Pede Hollist: In Search of Cultural Literacy, Not Orthodoxy. (From Pasta to Pigfoot)
(Afrikult: )

Interview with Frances Mensah Williams: CEO of Interims for Development Ltd, UK
(Shedistinction: )

Frances Mensah Williams Returns to the Suburb
(Suburb News: )