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From Pasta to Pigfoot





The Perfect Recipe: Take 1 girl.
Infuse a swirl of African flavouring.
Stir in a dollop of English cream.
Mix in some sun, fun and good old-fashioned romance.
Serve immediately.

Dismissed as a cultural lightweight by the man she is desperate to please, under-achieving PA, Faye Bonsu, is on a mission to find love. A disastrous night out leaves pasta-fanatic Faye’s romantic dreams in tatters and underscores her alienation from her African heritage.          

Leaving her cosy middle-class life in London’s leafy Hampstead to find what she’s missing, Faye is whisked into the hectic social whirlpool of Ghana where she meets Sonny, the pretty-boy womaniser, Edwin, her host’s America-crazy boyfriend, Baaba of the enormous hips and sardonic tongue, Stuart the British expat who loves all things (and women) Ghanaian, and the handsome Rocky Asante, a cynical, career-obsessed banker with no time for women…until now.           

Transported into a world of food, fun and sun, and faced with choices she has never thought possible, Faye is forced to discover that no matter how far you travel, you can’t find love until you find yourself.


Author’s Comment


“I wanted to explore the contemporary diasporan experience with the character of Faye Bonsu and to show how navigating cultures can be painful, illuminating and occasionally hilarious. Faye discovers that understanding your history can give you the confidence to choose your future.”

Readers’ Reviews

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Average rating:  
 14 reviews
by Anonymous on Books

Wonderfully evocative!

An evocative and compelling story which is wonderfully told. It captures London and Ghana in both an enjoyable and culturally awakening way. A highly recommended read and a fantastic way to travel virtually during these times!

by Anonymous on Books

'Brilliant characters ....very true to life and you got a glimpse into Ghanaian life and its culture.'

by Anonymous on Books

'This delightful,astute and deeply emotional tale can be counted as a new African world classic by a promising female author.'

by Anonymous on Books

'Unputdownable. Authentic characters, engaging plot and a story that has depth but doesn't take itself too seriously.'

by Anonymous on Books

'A great read- real intelligent chick lit that keeps you entertained as well as covering the more serious issues of identity in a fun way.'

by Anonymous on Books

‘Subtly captures the essence of London to Ghana and it certainly takes you on the journey along with the main character. A tremendous piece of writing.’

by Anonymous on Books

‘It gave me a new perspective on the "normal" daily life in an African country. in Europe we tend to hear a lot of frightening news from Africa about poverty, diseases or terror regimes. Through this book I got a glimpse of a life under similar conditions and with dreams and obstacles as we face them here.’

by Anonymous on Books

‘I loved reading this book! I experienced a multitude of human emotions from peace, frustration, joy, anger to sadness, hope, irritation and passion.’

by Anonymous on Books

‘This book would appeal to anyone that likes chick lit but also to anyone that is interested in learning about West African culture through the eyes of a British born west African. Can't wait for the follow up :-)’

by Anonymous on Books

‘This coming of age novel is sensitively written and portrays the best of inter-racial relations set against the very worse. What does shine out is the general goodness of most people whatever their colour or creed.’

by Anonymous on Books

'She has an amazing talent to make you feel you are there with the characters. A lovely story line and the ultimate cliff hanger made it a page turner for me. Perfect relaxing read that makes you want to go to bed early

by Anonymous on Books

‘Wow, what can I say. I loved this book and devoured it in 2 days. I loved the narrative, the story telling, the history and culture. I laughed out loud and cried at one point.’

by Anonymous on Books

‘Best read of the decade. What a fantastic book. I loved it from the first page and couldn't wait to finish it to move on to the second. The descriptions of Ghana are amazing. I felt like I was there with Faye. The story is romantic and beautiful, and the characters were so real. I loved it loved it loved it.’

by Anonymous on Books

After 1am on a Saturday (well now Sunday morning) night and I am sitting on my sofa with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes! I Loved this book. It has had me captivated and took over my entire Saturday. I laughed, cried, was sad, was angry at points, but mainly I felt Love! Thank you for one of the best Saturday's that I have spent in a very long time.’