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…because love travels


If you love books with diverse characters and enjoy thoughtful and fun novels with settings including London and Ghana, then welcome to my club!

…takes you on a journey of self-exploration that looks at not just feelings, but cultures as well.

I write the kind of novels that I enjoy reading. Stories about vibrant, humorous, resourceful everyday people who struggle with romantic relationships, unreasonable bosses, frustrating careers, interfering families and wayward children. I’m hooked on stories that reflect the diverse characters I know and see – and I hope you are, too!

Wherever we live in the world – and whatever our culture – the universal thread that connect us is this exciting journey of self-discovery called life. A journey that takes us down different paths and where we experience laughter, tears, and yes…love.

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“The writing is so real I can see the characters and bask in their surroundings. Brings escapism, happiness and hope during these very uncertain times.”




Sweetness comes at a price…

When sweet-natured Mercy married successful businessman and aspiring politician, Lucas Peterson, she abandoned her media career to focus on her husband and raising her son, Hakeem. But with the country now hurtling towards elections, Lucas’s eye is on the ministerial position he craves within the Party and when Mercy’s best friend, Araba – the niece of the Party leader – returns to Ghana, Mercy refuses to see what’s obvious to everyone.

In a desperate bid to regain control of her life, Mercy reaches out to her friend, Max Bamford, a ruthless media boss with a reputation for uncovering corruption. Max’s lifeline changes everything, but Mercy’s hopes for a new beginning are threatened by Lucas’s ambitions and risk the happiness of the person she loves most.

Armed with devastating evidence that can destroy Lucas’s political future, Mercy is torn between protecting her son and taking revenge on his father. Faced with an impossible dilemma, Mercy will have to prove that sweetness can be a strength.