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River Wild

Is love the price for living the dream?

Ambitious real estate agent River Osei loves her job and dreams of living in a home as beautiful as those she sells to her clients. Putting marriage to her artist boyfriend Cameron on the back burner, River’s only focus is to hit her house fund target.

But River’s plan is thrown into turmoil when she negotiates a sale to demanding music mogul, Donald Ayo. He is immediately taken with her, and she is equally taken with his house – a beautiful mansion in the luxurious gated community of Marula Heights. With Donald pressing for a deal that includes more than a house, River is forced to choose between the man she loves and a lifestyle she craves.

But living the dream isn’t always what it seems and even the best fantasies come at a cost. Faced with the real-life consequences of her choice, River must learn that a house is not a home and love is not for sale.


Author’s Comment


I was inspired by the name ‘River’ which was chosen by one of my readers. It’s so unusual that I had great fun creating a dynamic, complex woman with just the right mix of impulsiveness, stubbornness, and strength! I really enjoyed writing this second book in the Marula Heights series.

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Frances Mensah Williams
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Anonymous on Frances Mensah Williams

Escape to Marula Heights again

‘A young middle-class woman coming into self, juggling being an employee, daughter and partner. Beautifully crafted, the author masterfully continues creating the marvellous Marula Heights, the neighbourhood to which I'm ready to move!’

by Anonymous on Frances Mensah Williams

Feelgood escapist romantic fiction

‘I devoured this novel in the space of two evenings. I really, really enjoyed it – feelgood commercial romantic fiction with a vivid Ghanaian setting. I can't wait to move on to the rest of the series.’

by Anonymous on Frances Mensah Williams

A great read

‘I really enjoyed this book and particularly the main character and how she grew as a person during the story, realising that money was not everything! Having just read Sweet Mercy I liked the way the author linked, very briefly, into Mercy’s story.’

by Anonymous on Frances Mensah Williams

This is the second book I have read from the author and I was excited to get the Advanced Reader Copy from the author.

“A river is a powerful force of nature and even as a baby you gripped my fingers with such fierce strength that I knew you would be a fighter. I wanted to give you a name to remind you of your uniqueness and the power inside you to achieve great things. That interesting collage on your bedroom walls proves you have big aspirations.”

This book is very relatable, a page-turner, and beautifully written. It is a novel of suspense, and unpredictable which got me hooked up till I was done reading.

River’s character was quite relatable and I could see myself in her: ambitious, fierce, a go-getter, hardworking, a negotiator and a leader. She wasn’t perfect and as human as she was she had her flaws. What made me fall in love with her character the more was that she realized her wrongs and changed things before it was too late- a quality worth emulating.

Sly, another favorite character is the real definition of a friend, one who sticks closer than a brother. After their break out and all, during her lowest and loneliest moment she called on him and he came running to her. “Sly never lies”. A friend who is not honest with you, is that one a friend? Sly ticks off all the great qualities of a good friend and he played that role soo well.

Donald Ayo is a character who thought he could get everything and everyone because of his status, influence and money. One word describes him here-a manipulator and a good one at that.

The ending though: I didn’t see this coming at all, so touching and sweet. A perfect ending for a beautiful written book.
I want moreeeeeee.